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Micro-Hotels are becoming trend setters.

Motto Hotel Atlanta

Just the word Micr-hotel gives us that scene of less than, however these small affordable hotels in urban destinations are anything but less than. They are stylish inviting and buzzing with Millennial working on laptops, sipping coffee, and snacking on local pastries and treats. The lobby's are luxurious and set up like an old friends living room with a distinctive sense of place and local draw. The programming of live music, local panels and more are designed to build an experience that people are drawn too. The Micro-hotel is making such an impact that after breaking ground on their fist Motto micro-hotel by Hilton in Atlanta they signed another six in development in areas such as Washington D.C., New York, Savannah GA., and Peru. Room sizes average around 150 square feet, but for millennial's and Gen Z travelers these hotels in desirable locations, with immediate access to culture at low prices are a must. They have hipster cred, attractive price points, and are spurring a steady influx of growth. Expect to see some come on line in the SD market in the near future.

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