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Do You Look Smart?

The Albert Chicago Marriott

Its very interesting that in the digital age, one of the emerging trends in hotel lobbies and multifamily projects is to add books into the design. I am not talking about a coffee table book here or there, I am talking about built in book cases lined with books of all shapes and sizes. So the question is why? According to the New York Times there are several reasons for this new found love of books and all of them have to do with the younger crowd. The idea is libraries will persuade guests, particularly the younger ones to spend more time in lobbies and bars. In addition the feel of a library transforms the lobbies from a formal place to a more home like atmosphere creating a space for guests to relax while they read and sip a cup of coffee. Weather its to generate more revenue, create a more home like atmosphere or a place for guests to relax, I for one am glad to see books making a comeback.

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