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Marriott leading the charge

Human trafficking is a global issue that affects all walks of life. It is the worst kind of violence against the most vulnerable in our society. I was highly impressed that in 2017 Marriott launched a mandatory human trafficking awareness training program as part of their robust sustainability and social impact platform "Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction. To date Marriott has trained 500,000 hotel workers to recognize the signs of human trafficking. To develop and test its human trafficking awareness training program, Marriott spent nearly a year collaborating with ECPAT-USA and Polaris. The International Labour Organization projects that worldwide more than 40 million people are subject to modern slavery- and UNICEF estimates that about 25 percent of trafficking global involves children. In the US alone Polaris estimates there are hundreds of thousands of sex and forced-labor trafficking victims in the United States. I will admit this article challenged my complacency, almost demanding I be apart of the change and rise to do my part in this global fight. It starts with awareness, you never know the impact it could have on a persons life. Read the entire article on The Hotel Conversation CBRE Hotels

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